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Triple Threat
Film Camp  
Summer 2024 

Whether you are you are a budding actor, writer or director, this is the intensive for you!  

During the intensive, campers will work with a team of professionals and like minded classmates to successfully shoot a short film.  


TTFC is the ideal program for blossoming filmmakers and movie lovers alike. Following the format of professional film productions, students will learn the process of making a film from ideation to execution. Through hands-on demonstrations, students will learn how to use camera movement, production design, and editing to tell a story. Within their own film crews, students will have the opportunity to rotate between the roles of writer, director, camera operator, sound mixer and actor as the create their own original short film .



Some of the classes and subjects students can expect to cover in the Triple Threat Film Camp include the following:



Ideas are the starting point of a story. In our writer’s workshop, students will learn creative ways of brainstorming and expanding their ideas into a story. From there, students will learn the process of taking an idea, through treatment, outline, and finished script in the industry standard format, while exploring structure, character, and conflict as they are used in filmmaking.



Students will have the opportunity to gain hands on experience with cameras, lenses, and microphones as they learn operation and maintenance of professional equipment. Students will shoot screen tests for focus, exposure, and lens perspective learning the basics of cinematography as well as sound mixing.



Students will have the opportunity to learn filming from both sides of the camera both directing and being directed in short films. Students will learn how to use presence, eye line, and vocalization to master on-camera acting while at the same time learning how to shape performances through constructive feedback in a peer to peer context.



Students will learn to edit their films with industry standard editing software. Both the technical aspects of the editing process, as well as the conventions and theory behind editing choices and styles will be covered in a hands on approach.


This program has limited availability to ensure individual attention. Click the summer enrollment link below or on the homepage to register! 



Triple Threat Film Camp
Summer 2024
June 24th - 28th

8:45AM - 3:00PM
Ages 7 -17
Tuition: $325.00
Register for two TTTC programs and receive $50.00 off of your tuition.
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